I wrote this post because lately I’ve been introducing developers to using AWS SSO for temporary credentials.

I’ve listed all the languages and tools used by a current client. There are obviously many more! If I discover the AWS SSO support version for others I’ll add them here.

SSO support is still quite a new feature, so other tools that depend on the AWS SDKs are just starting to adopt it.


The AWS CLI v2 supports SSO profiles since 2.0.0 GA.

It’s the easiest way to write SSO profile configuration because it has a step by step process in the CLI. (aws configure sso).

It’s the only tool I’m aware of that can renew the SSO credential cache (aws sso login).




The .NET SDK supports SSO profiles since v3.5.93.0.

SDK.CHANGELOG.md (2021-01-20 00:24 UTC)

  • Core

    • […] AWS SSO based Credential Profiles are now handled by the SDK.

The AWSSDK.Core component supports SSO profiles since v3.5.2.

normj commented on 20 Jan

This has been squashed merged and released in version 3.5.2 of AWSSDK.Core


AWS SDK for Go v2 supports SSO profiles since v1.1.0. Support was improved in v1.2.0.

AWS SDK for Go v1 supports SSO profiles since v.1.37.0. Support was improved in v.1.37.2.


Terraform S3 backend supports SSO profiles since v0.14.6.

Terraform AWS provider supports SSO profiles since v3.26.0. Support was improved in v3.27.