Link Checker validates local and external links. Also checks links to heading in local files.

Link Updater automatically updates links when moving or renaming files in the workspace.

Link Expander creates pretty Markdown links using its HTML title.

Link Completion Provider suggests links to headers in the same file.

Link Graph displays a graph of local links.

Link Suggestions suggests local files and header anchors.

This extension is made obsolete by the VS Code native feature called “Markdown path IntelliSense”:

Discover more extensions for markdown links.

Markdown tables

Table Prettifier Transforms tables to be more readable.

Markdown Table adds these features:

  • Navigate to next cell (with auto format & auto insert row) (Tab)
  • Navigate to prev cell (Shift + Tab)
  • Convert to table from TSV text (designed for copying from Excel)
  • Insert column
  • Align column/columns
  • Format table

Markdown Footnotes

Footnotes are extended syntax of Markdown. VS Code by defualt ignores it.

Markdown Footnote support footnote preview, jumping, peeking, inserting, and rendering.

Markdown Footnotes Adds [^footnote] syntax support to VS Code’s built-in markdown preview.


Paste Image pastes an image from clipboard directly.